Sand Blasting

Sand blasting is a term which is used to describe the act of blowing incredibly fine pieces of material at a very high force to etch or clean a surface. The most commonly used material used to be sand, however, it has been discovered that a lung disease called silicosis is aggravated by the inhalation of dust. To prevent this, other materials are now preferred instead. Usually any small, uniform particles are used, popular choices are steel grit, walnut shells, copper slag or even coconut shell. However, sand blasting can be potentially dangerous due to the inhalation of dust, which may be damaging to the lungs. Sand blasting in Richmond, CA is carefully controlled by using an alternative air supply, proper ventilation and protective clothing.

How does it work?

A sand blaster machine usually has three different parts.: an air compressor, the abrasive and a blaster nozzle. For the etching and minor object cleaning, a workstation to hold the object is required, as is a dust collector. Sand blasting is usually used for two very different purposes. The first is the clean a surface, and the second is to carve words or designs into glass.

If you are considering sand blasting as a method to clean surfaces in your home, it is advised to hire a professional. This is because the equipment is very technical, and extensive training is usually necessary. In addition to this, you must always wear the protective clothing when sand blasting in order to prevent any lung damage. If the correct procedures are not followed, serious injury could be sustained. Not only this, but you may damage the surfaces you were hoping to clean. If you wish to hire a sand blaster professional in Richmond, CA, call your local cleaning company. They will be able to offer you a price quote upon request.

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