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Metal Powder Coating

Metal powder coating is the most affordable and effective technique to apply a protective or decorative layer on almost every kind of metal. In fact, this process is used in a lot of consumer and industry applications. In the last few years, people also chose precision powder coating, which is a perfect combination of fine resin particles and pigment sprayed electrostatically over a particular metal that needs coating. Electrically charged particles hold on to or stick to the metal until it is heated at a particular temperature in a curing oven. Due to this, the coated surface stays durable, smooth
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What is sand blasting

Sand blasting is a term which is utilized to portray the demonstration of blowing extraordinarily fine bits of material at a high power to engraving or clean a surface. The most usually utilized material used to be sand, in any case, it has been found that a lung ailment called silicosis is irritated by the inward breath of clean. To keep this, different materials are presently favored. Typically any little, uniform particles are utilized, prevalent decisions are steel coarseness, walnut shells, copper slag or even coconut shell. Be that as it may, sand blasting can be possibly perilous because of
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