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Advantages of Professional Powder Coating Service

Powder coating is used for a wide variety of products and projects today. If it’s something you’re interested in, then Richmond Metal Painting always recommends having a professional do the application for you. While the results might make it seem like an easy process, by hiring a professional you’ll enjoy the following benefits: 1. Knowledge of Application Process Powder coating is a special material that has to be applied in a specific manner in order to achieve the results that most people are looking for. This is perhaps biggest reason why hiring a professional is so important. These experts are
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Powder Coating

Metal powder coating in Richmond, CA is the most affordable and effective technique to apply a protective or decorative layer on almost every kind of metal. In fact, this process is used in a lot of consumer and industry applications. In the last few years, people also chose precision powder coating, which is a perfect combination of fine resin particles and pigment sprayed electrostatically over a particular metal that needs coating. Electrically charged particles hold on to or stick to the metal until it is heated at a particular temperature in a curing oven. Due to this, the coated surface
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Sand Blasting

Sand blasting is a term which is used to describe the act of blowing incredibly fine pieces of material at a very high force to etch or clean a surface. The most commonly used material used to be sand, however, it has been discovered that a lung disease called silicosis is aggravated by the inhalation of dust. To prevent this, other materials are now preferred instead. Usually any small, uniform particles are used, popular choices are steel grit, walnut shells, copper slag or even coconut shell. However, sand blasting can be potentially dangerous due to the inhalation of dust, which
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